How to Heal the Pain of the Past

“Each of you choose those life conditions that you have for your own purpose, knowing ahead of time where your weaknesses and strengths lie.” (Seth Speaks, Jane Roberts) One of the most significant experiences in my life was to truly break free from the past and let go of the pain that haunted me for […]

How to Embrace Your Physical “Flaws” and Feel Comfortable in Your Skin

I started doubting the way I looked at the age of eight following comments from other children, about my twin sister being cuter/prettier than me. During adolescence I suffered from bullying because of my appearance and thought I was ugly. Like many others, I believed for many years that everything would’ve been easier if I was […]

How to Easily Adopt Healthy Habits and Why You Often Fail

Though we all have habits we’d very much like to adopt, and others we’d like to get rid of, most often we fail to stick to our decisions for long or we can’t even begin to put them into practice in the first place. To help you with that, today I’ll present a few steps […]

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Who doesn’t compare themselves to others? What they have achieved and I haven’t. In what aspects they are better than me (better looking, smarter, or more successful). Or, we had the same starting point, but look where they are and where I am now. And when this happens it makes us feel like total failures. […]

Freedom from Food – This Time for Good!

Read my story about how I overcame the eating disorders I suffered from, as well as how can you overcome your weight and diet struggles based on what I’ve learned, on Tiny Buddha…    

The Five Wondrous Powers

When God created the Earth he gave his creations—mankind—five wondrous powers through which they could lead fulfilling and prosperous lives. “These powers will always be with you,” he said. “They are the key to all you’ll ever need.” The power of thought was given to humans to be used as a compass. To encourage creativity, […]

The Secret to Reaching Inner Wholeness

Although I left home at the age of 22, developed a successful career, and supported myself financially, until I was 31 I didn’t feel like a grown-up. Even at 31, when it hit me that I am actually a grown-up, in many ways I still acted like a child. Sometimes I’m ashamed to remember how […]

How to Easily Start Practicing Meditation

Lately, meditation has become the trendiest new thing. Everyone’s talking about it, practicing it, and praising its benefits. If you thought about it too, but getting started seems complicated to you, let me show you how simple it is. Let’s Begin with Some of the Advantages of Practicing Meditation: The ability to maintain inner peace […]

Seven Rules for Maintaining Your Self-Confidence With Others

We often lose our power in front of others and all of a sudden feel so small. That’s why today I’ve decided to present you with 7 rules that will enable you to stay confident and feel worthy at all times. 1. Don’t let others make fun of you, humiliate or diminish you. Such a […]

16 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Contrary to popular belief, successful people aren’t necessarily mentally strong. I’ve gotten to meet quite a few successful people who live in constant fear of failure and struggle with feelings of inferiority despite their achievements. I’ve also gotten to meet and hear about senior managers and CEOs who are filled with negative emotions, prone to […]