How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills?

As a coach, I often meet managers who find themselves anxious and stressed when they have to deliver a presentation. I know how it feels. During my master’s degree studies, I fought with a good friend because I didn’t agree to deliver a presentation we prepared, after she had already done so. Once I even […]

4 Mindfulness Exercises for Inner Peace

Mindfulness, in essence, is the art of being present in the moment. It has been proven to help with stress and anxiety and to enhance happiness and inner peace. If you think that mindfulness practice is a complicated thing that requires lots of knowledge, today I will present to you 4 simple exercises that will […]

How to Become More Resilient

Resilience is the ability to bounce back emotionally from stressful situations and return to the emotional state we had before the stressful event. It’s also the ability to face life’s challenges while maintaining reasonable peace of mind and continuing to function in everyday life, which requires inner strength and emotional stability. Since life constantly creates […]

How to Stop Feeling You Are Not Enough?

The feeling that we are not “enough…” (successful, rich, pretty, educated, knowledgeable, popular, thin, or interesting) is not new to humans but these days it affects more and more young people and even children. They dread anything that might be considered evidence of their worthlessness and invest their time in a futile attempt to be […]

The Key to Wise Choices

Although in practice we are always making choices, the mental condition of not making a choice has a huge impact on our sense of happiness and satisfaction, and on our ability to recruit inner resources to support a desired change. The expression “one foot here and one foot there,” means to literally be in one […]

The Amazing Power of Non-reactivity

Reactivity is a communication pattern that resembles the exchange of verbal blows. This communication pattern is so deeply rooted in our culture that using it not only seems inevitable, but is often justified by statements such as, “I don’t want to be a sucker,” or, “But she deserved it!” Non-reactivity, on the other hand, is […]

How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Influence How People Treat You

We all teach those around us how to treat us, but often we do it unconsciously. We operate within a certain framework of standards that teaches others about our boundaries, we say what we expect of them but allow the exact opposite, or we easily give in to their wishes and demands. The fundamental flaw […]

Why Should You Be Proactive at Work?

To be proactive is to act in a way that causes change by taking action, rather than reacting to changes. When thinking about proactively at work, the image of the employee who takes initiative and makes things happen comes to mind. But though such an employee is of value to any company, this is not […]

Dealing with Worst Case Scenario Thinking

Our thoughts often jump ahead to the future and predict the worst-case scenario. We find ourselves catastrophizing about what might happen, assuming how others will react, or imagining how we are going to fail. Since the mind can’t differentiate imagination from reality, this way of thinking impacts us emotionally and physically. The worst-case scenario then […]

Never Happy at Work? Here’s Why

Before starting my business, I worked in the high-tech industry in the fields of human resources and finance. Fortunately, I was always able to get the exact job I wanted, but unfortunately, after a short time I was unhappy again. It seemed to be a result of circumstances  – boredom at work, annoying co-workers, heavy […]