The book that will transform the way you think, feel, and behave!

You’ve probably read plenty of self-help books and solicited help from professionals. Rationally you understand exactly what needs to be changed, but at the moment of truth you fail to implement it. You are fed up with tempting theories and have no patience for another book full of promises.

But hang on a moment before you move on. 100% Choice is not yet another self-help book full of nice words. You are not going to find here simplistic solutions or slogans for a better life. You are going to find out how to consciously create the reality of your life.

This book will show you how you are already creating your reality and why it looks the way it does, solve the mystery of why once again you are feeling dissatisfaction shortly after achieving your goals, and teach you how to change the story of your life and create a reality so different that it may seem that you have suddenly woken up in an alternate reality or become a different person.

And maybe it’s really going to happen…

What readers say?

I was depressed and came back to life thanks to this book!

Reading this book clarified to me that I’m the one responsible for my life, and that understanding made it possible for me to start changing the situation I was stuck in. It also helped me, and still helps, to recognize when I’m driven by fear and to be present in the moment.
I always carry it with me.

Shelly, PhD Student

This book is highly recommended for anyone who wants to feel fulfilled and happy each day of their life

This fascinating book inspires inner transformation, and helps in achieving our goals and creating personal freedom and happiness.

Erik, literary critic

I go back to the book every time I have questions and find answers I haven't seen before. It’s amazing!

It’s an extremely practical book for anyone who wants to create real change in their lives. It allows you to choose whether to keep suffering anxiety, regret and luck, or to take responsibility and become the captain of your life.
I highly recommend it!

Noa, A journalist

This book is simply life-changing!

Hi Sharon,
I have just finished reading your book, and it's hard for me to put my feelings into words.
There’s a sense of wonder and a clear understanding of what exactly I need to do.
This book is simply life-changing. It’s written in the most accurate way, extremely practical, and empowering.
Thank you so much!


It’s one of the best books I have read in the field of personal development!

Hi Sharon,
For some time now I’ve been wanting to tell you that your book is one of the best, if not the best book I have ever read in the field of personal development (and I’ve read quite a few).
It’s straightforward and lacks all the bombastic and empty statements that are so common in books of this genre.
It’s full of practical tools and puts profound insights into simple words in a captivating way that provokes change.


While reading your book a lot has changed for me

Hi Sharon,
No amount of words can really express how important your book is and how much I thank you for writing it.
While reading it a lot has changed for me, and I know the process of change has just begun.
I really connected with your writing, with the neat and practical way in which you present things.
Thanks for sharing this gift with the world!


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About me


I’m Sharon Shahaf. I’m a life coach, mentor, and author of “100% Choice – Becoming a conscious creator of your life”, living in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The unique method I’ve created treats the deepest-rooted causes of low self-esteem, fear, and unhappiness, helps in changing self-defeating behaviors and limiting mindsets, and provides practical guidance for change.

I’ve helped thousands of people to transform their lives and hope to touch the lives of millions more!

I invite you to get your copy now and start transforming your life today!

What will you learn from reading this book?

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More readers’ experiences

This book had a huge impact on my life and I recommend it with all my heart!

It helped me to let go of bitterness toward important people in my life and feel my true love for them, to overcome the anxiety and unhappiness that were part of my life, to achieve balance, and find my inner strength.

Gili, Comics artist

It’s one of the best books I have read!

It contains simple yet practical techniques that allowed me to understand and change the situations I was in. It provided me with strength and inspiration to overcome the pain of the past and create for myself a life full of love and peacefulness.
I can say that it’s a life-changing book.

Galit, Engineer

Your book has become my bible!

Hi Sharon, I wanted to tell you that your book has become my bible. The insights are sometimes difficult (to see reality as it is) but important. I often read parts of it.
Thanks so much!

Hagit, Kindergarten teacher

Your book has created a 180° shift in my life

Hi Sharon, I can tell you that your book created a 180° shift in my way of conduct and perceptions of life. I believe that eventually it was what influenced my decision to change direction and take responsibility for my life, my feelings, thoughts, and reactions.


I’ve read many books in the field of cognitive and behavioral psychology, as well as self-help books, and yours is one of the best!

You manage to present things in an interesting, accurate, and thought-provoking way, and most importantly, in a way that inspires conscious choice and action.
Thanks so much!


Your book has helped me open my eyes and reconnect with the mighty powers within me

When I first read it I felt low and stuck and it enabled me to get through this low point and climb to greater heights.
Since reading the book I feel mentally and emotionally stronger and I believe in myself again.
I warmly recommend it to anyone who wants to live in freedom, peace, and happiness.


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The book was initially published in Israel in 2015. The reviews on this page are from Israeli readers.