Seven Simple Steps to Real Self-Love

Learn how to build lasting self-esteem, to love and appreciate yourself regardless of your circumstances!

What will you learn in this guide?

  • Why, despite your virtues and achievements, you often feel less than others
  • Why the popular self-esteem improvement techniques are not effective in the long term
  • Why is it that in some areas you feel highly confident, while in others you have no confidence at all
  • How can you change a negative self-perception and learn to love yourself in 7 simple steps
  • Plus, practical exercises that will help you implement these important insights into your daily life!

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About me


I’m Sharon Shahaf. I’m a life coach, mentor, and author of “100% Choice – Becoming a conscious creator of your life” (soon on Amazon), living in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The unique method I’ve created treats the deepest-rooted causes of low self-esteem, fear, and unhappiness, helps in changing self-defeating behaviors and limiting mindsets, and provides practical guidance for change.

I’ve helped thousands of people to transform their lives and hope to touch the lives of millions more!

I invite you to enjoy this free guide and start transforming your life too.

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