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Welcome to my website!

My life purpose is to help people let go of their pain, get past their inner obstacles, and regain their inner wholeness.

During the years I have identified the mental, emotional, and behavioral blockages that keep humanity in a constant state of dissatisfaction and fear and prevent us from connecting to our inner source of power, and learned how to overcome them.

If you feel that you are not on the right path and that it’s time for a radical change, I would be happy to support your journey.


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About Me...

I’m Sharon. I’m a life coach, mentor, and spiritual teacher since 2008, living in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
The unique method I’ve developed identifies and provides a solution for the core challenges of mankind in the modern-age; low self-esteem, fear and anxiety, emptiness, sadness, and anger, and helps people regain their inner wholeness.
I coach people 1:1, and also provide guidance through my book, articles, webinars, and talks that I give from time to time.
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My Book - 100% Choice

"I was depressed and came back to life thanks to this book!" (Shelly)

You’ve probably read plenty of self-help books and solicited help from professionals. Rationally you understand exactly what needs to be changed, but at the moment of truth you fail to implement it. You are fed up with tempting theories and have no patience for another book full of promises.


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